Entry Policy

BEFORE  MAKING YOUR entries via Blue Ribbon Dog Shows (BRDS), you should be  aware of and agree to the following RULES & POLICIES: You must click the “Agree” button to proceed to the entry form.

1. The closing date and time parameters for accepting conformation, obedience, and rally entries are:

  • A  $5.00 per entry administrative fee will be charged for EACH entry in  addition to the normal show entry fees for AKC licensed superintendents.
  • BRDS will take entries for events we provide Secretary Services up until the closing hour.
  • BRDS will NOT take entries for shows after these times or Superintended by others.

2. Be  sure your payment information is accurate. If your payment is declined  for any reason the entries will not be in the show. You will need to  resubmit any rejected entries before closing.

Per chapter 11 section 4 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows:

  • "To be acceptable, an entry must: Be submitted with required entry fee."
  • "No  entry may be accepted unless the Superintendent or Show Secretary, named in the premium list to receive entries, receives such entry: prior to  the closing date and hour as published in the premium list"

Your  entries made using this web site are not complete and accepted until a  valid payment has been authorized by your bank prior to the closing date and time for the shows entered. If the entry closing time is reached  prior to the receipt of a valid payment, your entries will not be  accepted.

3. Once entries have been submitted you cannot retrieve them to change in any  way. If you have submitted an entry and wish to change the class, you  must send written notification.

4. All  cancellations, changes, corrections, move-ups, withdrawals, etc., must  be done in the normal way through the organization/show secretary  handling the show. You should be aware of each organization's policy  regarding any administrative fees they may charge for handling  cancellations. Any such request must include the show name and date,  dog's breed, name and AKC number, owner's name and address, along with  the information on what is to be done. Administrative fees are not  refundable for canceled entries.

5. Be  very careful to proofread what you type into the dog's entry (i.e.,  class, name, etc.) as the program will accept whatever you type and it  will become part of your entry information. In addition, you should  refer to the actual premium list for classes offered, fee breaks, etc.  If you need to have a premium list sent to you contact us.

6. Please refer to the Acceptable Titles table for acceptable dog titles you may use on an entry for an AKC show. Acceptable Titles

7. Keep good records. Be aware this system WILL ACCEPT duplicate entries  (however, not within a particular transaction). Administrative fees will NOT be refunded. Entry fee refunds are handled through the  organization/show secretary handling show according to their individual  policies regarding such refunds.

8. You  will receive a reference number on screen for your entries at the end of the payment process when your payment is approved. IMPORTANT - Your  entries are not complete and not accepted until you receive this  reference number. YOU MUST have this reference number in order to verify the status of your entries.

9. The BRDS online entry system accepts entries for AKC events in accordance with the latest entry form instructions and Rules Applying to Dog Shows (rules) of the American Kennel Club. From time to time these entry form instructions and rules are subject to change. In the event of a  discrepancy in these entry form instructions and rules versus the text  within the BRDS online entry system, the AKC entry form instructions and rules will take precedence.

10. Your personal information used in making this entry is not collected,  shared, or sold. It is used only for the purpose of this online entry.  The Credit Card portion of your entry uses 128 bit encryption and secure socket layers for your information protection. This is the best  security currently available on the Internet. If you buy anything using  your credit card number on the Web, you should be aware of the security  risks involved. Theoretically, your card number could be intercepted en  route and used by unauthorized people. If you send your credit card  number via Internet, you must understand that this risk is yours and  only you can decide whether the convenience is worth the risk. If you  nevertheless choose to use this electronic payment option, BRDS  disclaims any liability for direct, consequential, special or punitive  damages or losses which you may incur as a result of your use of this  payment option.


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