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Use one entry form per dog if information is exactly the same for  each day. You MUST use a separate entry form if you are entering  multiple dogs or entering the same dog in a different class on different days. (e.g. Open Class on Day 1 or AM show and Am-Bred Class on Day 2  or PM show). You do not need to complete another entry form to add  sweeps, rally or obedience. Please Note: Entries received without fees will not be accepted. If you need assistance with your Entry or Payment, please call our office at 951-681-1470

Two options for entering a show: Online and Mail.

Online Entry. Complete the AKC Online Entry Form and pay using your credit card via a secure server (SSL). The process is simple, and your entry is directly received.
A nonrefundable $5 credit card processing fee applies for each dog entered (not per class).


Mailed Entry. Complete the entry form found in your premium OR download the AKC Entry Form. Complete the requested information. At the top of the Entry Form, be  sure to include the day(s), date(s) and name(s) of show you are  entering. Please make check payable to Blue Ribbon Dog Shows, in US  funds only, and mail the form with required entry fees to:

Blue Ribbon Dog Shows
Rhonda Storm
9522 Derby Drive
Riverside, CA 92509

Online Entry

Download AKC Entry Form

Download Credit Card Form

Refund Policy: Any change or cancellation of entries must be made in writing  and received prior to closing, at Blue Ribbon Dog Shows, except as  provided for in Chapter 11, Section 6 of the American Kennel Club Dog  Show Rules and Regulations


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